& Values

Our mission at EternalsXYZ is to build a diverse and skilled community of professionals who are passionate about the intersection of technology and art. We aim to create a collaborative and inclusive space for members to share their expertise, learn from one another, and connect with like-minded individuals. Through educational events, networking opportunities, and unique NFT art projects, we strive to foster the growth and success of our members while promoting the wider adoption and understanding of non-fungible tokens. Our goal is to bring together talented individuals from a variety of fields, including but not limited to art, design, engineering, business and marketing, and create a vibrant hub of innovation and creativity.



We value diversity and strive to create a welcoming and inclusive community for all members, regardless of their background or area of expertise.



We believe that collaboration is key to fostering innovation and growth within our community. We encourage members to share their ideas, knowledge, and skills with one another and work together to create meaningful projects and opportunities.



We are committed to providing our members with educational resources and opportunities to learn and grow their skills. Whether through workshops, lectures, or hands-on projects, we aim to support the continuous development of our members and promote the wider understanding of NFTs and their potential.



We believe that strong leadership is essential for the success and growth of our community. We encourage members to take on leadership roles and contribute their skills and expertise to guide and inspire others. We also value transparency, integrity, and accountability in our leadership, and strive to create an environment where all members feel empowered to contribute and make an impact.

Project Growth

Phase One

The following project advancements will go into effect on the day of Omniguard release.


Every Eternal in our collection will have the ability to be fully animated. One Omniguard animates two Eternals. There will be an option on our website to all the purchase of an animation. (Price TBA).

Custom Twitter Banner

Using our web studio you will have absolute freedom to create your own Twitter banner.

Pick your sky and terrain, drag and drop your Eternals/Omniguards anywhere along the banner, then get to adding your own creative twist by switching colours using the colour palette and more!

Anima Elixir

The Omniguards will be grateful for their awakening and are known for bearing gifts. Each mint grants a free claim to one Anima Elixir.

Anima Elixirs will be tradeable on secondary markets. All unclaimed elixirs will be burned after the allotted time frame. (ALPHA: Learning how to unlock these elixirs using the right combination will unleash true divinity to its bearer.)

Phase Two

Coming Soon.

Meet the team



Father of two daughters, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Hip hop artist, lover of music in general. Operations Manager at one of the largest painting companies in Sydney. Cultivating culture and being a leader within communities has always been an obsession.



Explorer, Leader, Dreamer, Family Man. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Fearless pioneer on a voyage into the darkness. Over 16 years of experience in Sales and Management. Playing my part to be a builder of a better world.



Never gonna give you up…



Never gonna let you down


Creative Director

Brand strategist, graphic designer, reverse design-geneer.