Unraveling the Meaning Behind the EternalsXYZ Slogan: Welcome to the Afterlife!

In the vibrant world of Web 3 and NFTs, slogans reign supreme. Whether it’s the rallying cry echoing through Twitter Spaces or the spirited chants in Discord Voice Chats, we’ve all encountered them. From “CHUNGOOOOOOO!” to “Smokin’ grass and sniffin’ ass,” and “Welcome to the Afterlife, where Eternals live forever,” these slogans aim to unite communities and make us feel like a part of something exclusive and meaningful. But what do they really mean? As the Creative Director for EternalsXYZ and one of the minds behind our slogan, I’ll shed some light on its significance and symbolism. Let’s dive in!

Unveiling the Afterlife

When EternalsXYZ first launched, we had a mysterious sentence on our OpenSea and Twitter pages. It went: “Death is the Golden Key that opens the Palace of Eternity.” Intriguing, right? But ultimately, it lacked substance. There was no lore, story, or clues to provide the community with more than a cryptic phrase.

Where Eternals Live Forever

Perhaps some of our early community members remember another phrase uttered by our owner, RomeJay: “Welcome to the Afterlife, where Eternals live forever!” This phrase became a staple in our conversations, repeatedly spoken during every mega space event. It grew so popular that it became our unofficial slogan, capturing the essence of EternalsXYZ.

The Evolution of a Slogan

As the Creative Director, my task was to shape EternalsXYZ’s brand personality, dispelling misconceptions and aligning with our core values and mission: leadership, education, inclusivity, and collaboration. These values are the driving force behind our mission to create a safe, educational, and motivational space for all. And out of this, our official slogan was born: “Welcome to the Afterlife.”

Unveiling the Deeper Meaning

“Welcome to the Afterlife” is more than just a macabre statement about death and rebirth. Stepping into the uncharted territory of Web 3 can be intimidating, with invisible forces that challenge our beliefs and eccentric communities performing mysterious rituals. When an EternalsXYZ member welcomes you to the Afterlife, they are inviting you into a vast community filled with diverse skill sets. This community is eager to share their knowledge and experiences, helping you navigate the journey while avoiding the mistakes they’ve made. “Welcome to the Afterlife” isn’t a mere slogan; it’s synonymous with saying, “How can we help you?”

How Can We Assist You?

The EternalsXYZ project is all about learning and education. Whether you stumbled upon us by chance or were led here, chances are our values align. EternalsXYZ is a thriving NFT community comprised of artists, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, advisors, public speakers, life coaches, martial artists, illustrators, and countless other talented individuals. Join us to tap into our collective knowledge and contribute your own experiences to our shared pool.

Step into the Afterlife with Us!

Welcome to the Afterlife, where curiosity meets creativity, and collaboration leads to growth. Embrace the unknown of Web 3 alongside a community that supports your journey. Explore EternalsXYZ and discover how we can help you thrive in this exhilarating NFT landscape.